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 RED Link


P: 780-791-9288

F: 1-888-515-7266

E: fmca-redlink@telus.net  


Office Location:

#208, 9715 Franklin Avenue
Fort McMurray, Alberta T9H 1T5


Office Hours:
Mon-Thurs 7:00am to 3:00pm



Member Listings
Company: Classification:
Janes Brother (FMCA Member Only)
JV Driver Projects Inc (FMCA Member Only)
K Plowman Contracting Ltd. (FMCA Member Only)
Kaycan (FMCA Member Only)
KD's McMurray Inc. (FMCA Member Only)
Ketek Group Inc. (FMCA Member Only)
KMC Mining Corporation (FMCA & RED Link Member)
KNE Contracting Ltd. (FMCA & RED Link Member)
Kydan Industries Ltd (FMCA & RED Link Member)
Lafarge Canada Inc. (FMCA Member Only)
Laird Electric Inc. (FMCA Member Only)
Lakeshore Contracting Ltd. (FMCA & RED Link Member)
LARR Management Corp. (FMCA Member Only)
Leading Electric Ltd. (FMCA & RED Link Member)
Ledcor Construction Limited (FMCA & RED Link Member)
LetCar Mechanical Group LTD (FMCA & RED Link Member)
Lexon Projects Inc. (FMCA Member Only)
Liam Construction Alberta Ltd. (FMCA & RED Link Member)
Lightopia YMM (FMCA & RED Link Member)
Live Better Homes (FMCA Member Only)
Lucullan Properties Ltd. (FMCA Member Only)
Mann Builders Ltd. (FMCA & RED Link Member)
Marco Builders Inc (FMCA & RED Link Member)
Marvel Contracting Inc (FMCA Member Only)
Mastertech Plumbing Inc. (FMCA Member Only)
Michael Homes Inc. (FMCA & RED Link Member)
Midlite Construction Ltd. (FMCA Member Only)
Mikiwam Coatings Ltd. (FMCA & RED Link Member)
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